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Since June, 2004
Where are we? : We came back to Japan in January 2006.    

Autumn Leaves in Oku-hida
(Shin-Hotaka, Gifu Pref.)


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Thank you for visiting our site. Our 525 days journey has finished!
We plan to publish our book and have small workshops about this journey.
Please come back again to see our latest news.

Let us introduce our small country "Japan"!

Our footprints (Routemap)


Let us introduce our friends who took care of us during this journey.

What's New?            
  • 03/10/2007 We supported trial tour for foreigners of Hida region.
  • 09/21/2006 We will take part in the following event of "EXPO 2005 AICHI" in Nagoya on 24th of September.
  • 22/07/2006 Photo gallery "Colobus Monkey in the Kakamega Forest (Kenya)" uploaded! iphoto¨ by Region ¨ Kenyaj
  • 29/06/2006 Brand new photo gallery "Birds" uploaded! iphoto¨by Theme ¨ Birdsj
  • 07/06/2006 We will take part in the following event of "EXPO 2005 AICHI" in Nagoya on 24 and 25th of June.
  • 10/05/2006 "Wildlife" Photo Gallery updated! iphoto¨by Theme ¨ Wildlifej
  • 23/04/2006 Japanese company PLUS supported us to send stationary to Omuthiya village in Namibia! (Details to be announced)
  • 16/04/2006 "Mountains" & "Ocean" Photo Gallery updated! iphoto¨by Theme ¨ Mountains / Oceanj
  • 22/02/2006 Routemap updated!
  • 07/02/2006 Photo Gallery of "Serengeti National Park" Uploaded. 142, the largest number of new photos since we started! iphoto¨by Region¨ Tanzaniaj
  • 27/01/2006 Photo Gallery of "Usambara Mountains" Uploaded iphoto¨by Region¨ Tanzaniaj
  • 06/01/2006 Photo Gallery of Mt. kilimanjaro Uploaded iphoto¨by Region¨ Tanzaniaj
  • 23/12/2005 Photo Gallery of Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area Uploaded iphoto¨by Region¨ Tanzaniaj
  • 13/12/2005 Photo Gallery of Arusha National Park Uploaded iphoto¨by Region¨ Tanzaniaj
  • 5/12/2005 We are featured in the Japanese magazine "Sotokoto" again with article about Gorrila tracking in Uganda.
  • 30/10/2005 Photo Gallery of Uganda Uploaded iphoto¨by Region¨ Ugandaj
  • 22/10/2005 Photo Gallery of Kibale Nat. Park Uploaded iphoto¨by Region¨ Ugandaj
  • 17/102005 Photo Gallery of Bwindi Nat. Park Uploaded iphoto¨by Region¨ Ugandaj
  • 14/9/2005 Photo Gallery of Kruger Nat. Park Uploaded iphoto¨by Region¨ South Africaj
  • 10/9/2005 Photo Gallery of Zululand + Swaziland Uploaded iphoto¨by Region¨ South Africaj
  • 5/9/2005 We are featured in the Japanese magazine "Sotokoto"!
  • 5/9/2005 Photo Gallery of Omuthiya village Uploaded iphoto¨by Region¨ Namibiaj

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About us          
Japanese couple, Taku & Shiho decided to try traveling around our beautiful planet, and sharing our great experience through our website. Especially, we communicate with Japanese Kids, such as answering their questions, providing interesting pictures. Although English version had limited contents, we hope that our website inspires anyone to be friendly with the beautiful planet we live.  

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